About Me

I am a self taught oil painter with experience in classical techniques. Currently moving to more contemporary styles and subject matter.



As with most children, my love for art started early by copying cartoons and quickly progressed into winning art and poster competitions. Several years after graduating high school I discovered a three-year program at Capilano College which turned out to be a perfect mix of technical skills and creativity. This launched my career as a professional Art Director with a specialty in branding and advertising.

Still looking to pursue my fine art interests, I maintained an active sketchbook and turned my interests to pencil, watercolour and acrylic sketches. An enthusiastic friend turned out to be the catalyst to move toward oils and I immediately had a connection with this classic and challenging medium. In 2003 I co-founded 11 Studio West, a registered fine art society aimed at creating an environment for creative people to work on their craft in a supportive environment.

My ultimate goal is to paint full time and pass on what I have learned in a teaching environment not just to people who want to improve their craft but also to people who simply get pleasure from exploring their creative side.