About Me

I am a self taught oil painter with experience in classical techniques. Currently moving to more contemporary styles and subject matter.

Currently building inventory to seek gallery representation



As far back as I can remember I've always drawn. These things tend to show themselves early in your life. I never took it too seriously until I went to college for Design and Illustration in the mid 90s.

This started my path as a graphic designer, then moving into art direction with a focus on branding, which has been my career for the last 22 years.

Art came back into my life around 2003 when I took an interest in learning how to oil paint. Lots of trial and error and learning the techniques from the age of Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Within a year of painting I was approached by a couple of Vancouver galleries to show my work and enjoyed that for a couple of years before the economy crashed and interest dropped. This led to a several year slump of painting.

I am still, and always will be, in a constant state of learning. Every time I sit down and put my brush to a surface I learn something new. It can be the tiniest thing but I always keep my mind and eyes open.

In the last year my passion for painting has returned. I've been painting smaller and with a more direct painting and contemporary style. This gives me opportunity to finish a piece much quicker considering that painting is not my main career.

I'm not sure where this path will take me but I do know that I'm heading in the right direction. If you're reading this and have an interest in learning from me or if you have questions please feel free to drop me a line.